Clever Cow provide bookkeeping services specifically for the trade & construction industry. Our team of bookkeepers, BAS agents and accountants understand the unique requirements and processes involved in building industry, enabling us to provide efficient and accurate bookkeeping, payroll, BAS and compliance reporting for your trade & construction business.



Comprehensive Bookkeeping Service

Our bookkeeping service covers a range of essential financial tasks for your business, including reconciliation, accounts payable, job performance tracking, progress claims, collections, and invoicing. We ensure your financial records will be accurate, up-to-date, and well-organised, providing you with a clear picture of the financial position of your business and projects.


Compliance Reporting & Record Keeping

We ensure compliance with legislation and reporting requirements, including those unique to the trade & construction industry. Our services cover BAS, IAS, STP, payroll tax, fuel tax credits, wages declaration, superannuation, TPAR, subcontractors, and end-of-financial-year tasks. Your financial records and documentation are securely stored and readily accessible whenever you require them.


Payroll Processing for Construction Industry Awards

We understand the complexities involved in managing payroll under the construction awards and legislation. Our team are current with wage calculations, leave entitlements, and compliance with relevant awards and regulations for both employees and subcontractors.



Expert Support from Qualified and Experienced Resources

Our team comprises skilled bookkeepers, BAS agents, and accountants with knowledge of accounting, legislation, and compliance reporting and experience with the unique challenges faced by trade & construction businesses, enabling their to provide expert guidance and support.


Tailored Solutions for the Trade & Construction Industry

Our exclusive focus is on the building sector. We understand the complexities involved project-based accounting, contract management, subcontracting, payments, and job costing. By leveraging our specialised knowledge, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific of trade & construction businesses.


Confidence in Compliant Accounts and Reporting

Compliance is one of the key challenges for the trade & construction industry because of the complexity. Clever Cow prioritise compliance, so you can have confidence that your financial records and reporting will be in line with regulations. Our team maintains accurate and compliant accounts, ensuring that all essential reports and declarations are prepared correctly and submitted on time.


Increased Efficiency with Streamlined Processes

By leveraging our expertise in bookkeeping and extensive experience with trade & construction financial processes we are dedicated to improving efficiency. This is achieved through streamlining workflows, implementing best practices and utilising technology resulting in time and resource savings.