5 Expert tips for creating effective business cards

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5 Expert tips for creating effective business cards

If you are in the trade and construction business, chances are you are always on the lookout for new clients, projects, and work. Having a business card is the easy way to be remembered.

According to moo.com ‘Business cards have been around for literally thousands of years and with good cause—they are the simplest method of exchanging contact information. Apps have come and gone that promise to be the next business card killer, but none can beat the simplicity and ease of exchanging a well-designed card.’

So how do you go about creating a great business card….

Design. Choose a design that fits your brand. Use the correct font, logo, and colours for your company. Consistency throughout a brand identity is key.

Keep it simple. The idea is that people can read your contact details clearly. Include: Name, Job Title phone number website and email!

#TradieBusinessTip: By Law, your licence number must be shown on your business card, advertising, signage, and stationery.

Front & back. Think about both sides. People will flip the card to see the back as soon as they are handed it. One side should include your contact details, the other needs to be interesting and memorable to your company. Consider using an image to show off your portfolio of work? Some print companies will allow you to print several different designs across your cards.

Paper. If you are going to invest in business cards for your business (an essential) then make sure the paper quality is good. The higher the gsm, the thicker the paper. You want the quality to reflect your business. Gloss paper looks smart but matte is easier to write on.

Size. Standard business card size is 85 × 55 mm (credit card size) however many printing suppliers now offer custom size and shapes. Consider elongated or square cards, rounded edges or a circle to stand out from the crowd.

Above all, make your business card one that you are proud of and make sure you hand it out.

Top 5 Printers:

Bluedog signs Cromer
Office works

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