Are your Long Service Corporation records current?

Are your Long Service Corporation records current?

What is Long Service Corporation (NSW)?

The Long Service Corporation administers a scheme that provides a portable long service benefit for eligible workers in the building and construction industry in NSW.

There is also a portable long service scheme in place for the Cleaning Industry where the employer is required to contribute)

Employer Obligations

Employers in the Building and Construction industry who employ workers in NSW on wages or salary to carry out building and construction work in NSW are required to have lodged their Employer Returns for Long Service Leave 31 July.

If you employ one or more people and pay wages or salary to perform eligible building and construction work in the building and construction industry you are classified as an employer.

  1. As an employer, your legal obligations under the Long Service Leave Act 1955 are:
  2. Register as an employer
  3. Lodge Start Notices and End Notices for your employees
  4. Complete an Employer Return (annual, due 31 July)
  5. Keep records on employee details, employment time, and attendance. (These records must be retained for six years)
  6. Contact the Long Service Corporation before paying long service to a worker (For those workers that have been with their employer for 10+ years, they are entitled to long service leave from their employer or Long Service Corporation, but not both)

Who is included?

  • Workers who spend the majority of their time performing eligible building and construction work for an employer in the building and construction industry.
  • Workers who supervise others doing eligible building and construction work.
  • Includes full time, part-time and casual workers
  • Sole traders who perform eligible building and construction work
  • Working Directors who are doing building and construction work can join the scheme as long as they work on the tools or directly supervised building work on site.

Are you undertaking eligible work?

  • Not every trade is automatically covered by the scheme. For example soft landscaping (planting and grassing), surveyors, and architects are not included.
  • Some trades are partially covered. For example, Pools installers are covered for the installation of the pool but not the maintenance.  Cabinetmakers are covered for installation on the construction site but not for free-standing furniture.
  • To check if you are eligible: Coverage in the NSW scheme

Backdating your Registration

If you are eligible but have not registered for Long Service, then you can make an application to the Long Service Corporation to have your registration date reset to an earlier date.  The Corporation will determine your registration date based on this application.  You will also need to provide detail of your employment during this period.

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